Temenos Red Lily


A Peace Prayer

I offer you peace.
I offer you love.
I offer you friendship.
I see your beauty.
I hear your need.
I feel your feelings.  
My wisdom flows from
the Highest Source.
I salute that Source in you.
Let us work together
for unity and love.

(Gandhi's Prayer for Peace)

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Welcome to Temenos Community

Conversations with Land:
Nature, Mark-Making and Magic

Thursday, August 28th – 6:00 to 9:00 pm

A Shamanic painting class, but instead of drawing from sight – you respond and draw what you hear, feel, and experience. Drawing in response to your environment will give you a deeper way to connect to the land around you. No experience necessary!Bring along any color pencils, pastel (oil or chalk), watercolors, glue, scissors, glitter and anything else that calls you.

Bring a drum or rattle, if you have one. We will be working outside, so bring bug spray. (We will be under cover if it rains.)

Limited to 15 participants
The cost is $40.
Register by calling the office at 610-696-8145 – by the end of the 27th to reserve a place.

Damini Celebre is a visionary artist, healer, writer, a lover of the natural worlds, magical worlds, and the inner realms. She’s passionate about helping people heal their hearts by rediscovering their creative life-force. She currently lives in the United States. Damini can often be found teaching, talking to the land, and is often covered in paint. daminicelebre.com

Christine Campbell is a deep ecologist, earth poet, musician and celebrant. She is passionate about helping people access the intelligence of their hearts through direct perception as reflected in the natural world. She guides those who wish to journey between earth and sky into gentle immersion in all realms.

Temenos Community was conceived, created and is maintained by Temenos Church, a member of the Swedenborgian Churches of North American. The Swedenborgian sensibility of open and accepting spirituality honors and embraces nature and mysticism.

You are invited to enjoy this beautiful, sacred space. Temenos Community sits on 56 wooded acres in Chester County, Pa. It is intentionally set apart as a living sanctuary for all who desire to rest, renew, and rejuvenate. We are made up of residents and non-residents of diverse origins and backgrounds. We agree that the Sacred Land here nourishes and requires nurturing. We are all caretakers and we are all being taken care of in this natural sanctuary. We welcome communities and individuals seeking time away to nurture new ways of being, dreams and visions.

We welcome people from all paths and spiritualties. We value all beings. All are essential to the circle of life. At Temenos we seek to serve the whole. We value unity and we honor the beautiful diversity of this world. Come walk the winding trails of the forest and discover the hidden paths of your soul.

Temenos Community spring flowers

Temenos Community is nestled in the heart of historic Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Take time to wander through meadow and forest, follow streams and deer trails. There are sites for moments of silence and solitude as well as areas for nature programs, campfires and outdoor reflection.

Temenos is a meeting place for individuals, groups, families, and businesses. Temenos Community offers a broad spectrum of educational and enrichment programs for people of all ages. Special consideration is given to non-profit organizations.

The Retreat House and the Farm House are available for rental. We have overnight accommodations for up to 30 and meeting space for up to 75.

Recent Programs and Upcoming Events

people around the globeCrystal Bowl Healing Sound Meditation
Drumming Under the Full Moon
Gestalt Weekend Retreat
TaiChi Qi Jong
Women’s Gaia Weekend ~ “Soul Lift “
Gentle Yoga
Spiritual Discussion and Book Group
Peace Project
German Youth Exchange Group