Today we were just Informed by Facebook that we Have 2000 “Likes”

Dear Temenos Companions……today we were just informed by facebook that we have 2000 “likes”etc. That itself is kind of an odd thing to celebrate. Yet it lets us know that the peace and light we try to send out into the world is appreciated n some level. We want to thank all of you who support Temenos as we share this Light out into the World. We aspire to bring hope, a little peace, a little challenge and much Love to all of you and our Dear World. Together we can build bridges of communication, understanding and kindness as we navigate through these challenging times. Stay Safe, Be Well and May Love reside in Your Dear Hearts We love you!

** On a side note this picture is from a small circle in our main driveway where we have peace flags hanging. This particular deer seems to often come and hang out there. One of our dear members and a leader at Temenos (Anne Park) passed away in 2015. She loved deer and Temenos – I like to think this is her way of saying she is still around…..

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